Instagram added the ability to insert GIF images in comments

Instagram has always tried to improve its platform to increase user engagement, and now it has added the ability to add GIF images to comments.

This feature is one of the features that many Instagram users have been waiting for and is expected to bring more fun to users. This feature was introduced during the chat between Instagram CEO Adam Mossari and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and surprised users.

Instagram added the ability to embed GIFs from Giphy

Musari explained the new feature with the title “finally feature”, which shows its high demand from users. Instagram users can use more than words and emojis to express themselves by placing a GIF image in the comments. For this purpose, users can use the website Giphy which is a popular database for GIF images. Before this, the ability to use these animated images was provided in the Instagram story.

It should be noted that the UK Competition Authority ordered Meta to sell Giphy last year, but now we see that Instagram, as one of Meta’s subsidiary companies, has used this popular GIF platform to improve the interactions of its users.

Musri also announced the testing of another interesting feature called Lyric in Rails videos. This feature builds on Meta’s auto-caption sticker that was introduced in 2021 and will include a timeline at the bottom of Rails videos to accurately sync captions.

The addition of GIF functionality to comments shows that Instagram cares about user feedback and opinions, and we have to see what other features will be added to this platform in the future.

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