5 cheap Android phones that you should not go for

May 27, 1402 at 19:25

Today we will introduce a number of cheap Android phones that are not worth buying despite the low price and it is better not to go for them!

Most fans of the Android operating system are probably familiar with the Galaxy S or Google Pixel phones. These phones are premium and flagship products that have been launched to challenge Apple’s iPhones and offer great features to the user.

At the same time, along with these phones, some other phones have excellent quality and performance even though they are made by unfamiliar brands.

An example of this category of phones is the OnePlus 11, which offers the same experience as Samsung’s flagship phones at a much lower price.

In the meantime, of course, all the products made by smaller brands such as OnePlus 11 are not of the same size as the flagships.

Many of these phones have a completely average performance and even in many situations they will not be able to meet the needs of users.

In this regard, it should be noted that simply having powerful hardware does not guarantee the good performance of a device and several factors will influence this issue.

For example, let’s say two phones, one from a flagship brand and the other from a less familiar brand, have the same chip. These two phones will never offer the same performance; Because in the product made by an unfamiliar brand, many functions and features such as cooling system, connection capabilities or even after-sales support have been removed or replaced with weaker models in order to reduce the total price.

As a result of this incident, some cheap Android phones provide low-quality experiences full of problems and have a low purchase value.

Here we are trying to mention some of these phones. Products that are not worth buying despite the seemingly reasonable price and you should not go for them.

Cheap Android phones that you should not go for

Motorola Moto G Stylus

Motorola Moto G Stylus

Although Motorola has been known as an important player in the world of mobile phones for many years, some of its products are not at all up to the mark of this brand name.

For example, the Moto G Stylus is one of the cheap phones that you should be very cautious about buying!

This phone uses the Android 13 operating system and with its price of 200 dollars, it is much cheaper than the flagships of Samsung, Google and other brands.

At the same time, this low price has caused the use of weak and low-quality internal parts in it.

Moto G Stylus uses Mediatek Helio G85 chip and has 64 GB of internal memory.

The phone is also equipped with a 5000mAh battery and charges at a rate of 15W.

In addition, Motorola’s cheap product is also unable to support 5G, which will limit its use in the coming years.

In addition to what was said, the lack of NFC is another shortcoming of this phone, which makes it impossible to pay through NFC ports with this phone.

The Moto G Stylus is also made entirely of plastic, which makes it look lighter. However, the lack of a metal chassis makes this phone feel weak and low quality.

Despite the fact that $200 is a small price to pay for an Android mobile phone, you might be able to find a better product on the market with a little searching.

Xiaomi Mi 11i

Xiaomi Mi 11i has been launched with many promises.

This phone is equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip and while supporting the fifth generation of telecommunication technologies (5G), it has an ideal technical performance and by providing 25% higher processing power, it has obtained very good scores in various benchmarks.

The 128 GB model of this phone has a price of about 360 dollars and is equipped with Android 11 operating system.

Also, the 4520 mAh battery along with 33W fast charging are among the things that make it a real flagship.

In the meantime, the 120 Hz refresh rate and advanced screen features should not be forgotten.

At the same time, Mi 11i, like many other Xiaomi phones, has some shortcomings that make buyers hesitant to choose it.

For example, the lack of wireless charging is one of the important shortcomings of this phone.

Also, its camera system provides poor performance in low light despite many advertisements.

On the other hand, the widespread security concerns surrounding most Xiaomi phones have plagued this product as well. Mi 11i stores the user’s data and his search history on the Internet, which will significantly increase the risk of hacking and cyber threats.

Also, despite the fact that Mi 11i is made of high-quality materials, according to users, its performance drops significantly within a few months of purchase and use!

This set of defects puts the Mi 11i in the list of cheap Android phones that you should avoid buying if possible.

Oukitel WP9

Okitel is a Chinese brand that has been active in the market since 2008, and most of its products are rugged and durable phones.

Most of the phones of this brand are equipped with a rubber sheath that protects them from impact.

One of the most expensive phones of this brand is the WP9 model, which has a price of 230 dollars and looks like a very valuable product.

This phone is made of a metal frame and we see the use of waterproof parts on the ports and other weak parts. In addition, the battery capacity of this device is 8000 mAh, which guarantees its charging for a long time.

Meanwhile, Amazon reviews suggest that the Oukitel WP9 has trouble making phone calls.

Some users also reported that the product delivered to them from the company was physically damaged and some of its parts were broken or damaged. This incident indicates the lack of proper quality control in this brand.

In addition, a number of Amazon users also claimed that the after-sales service of this brand is very poor; So that despite the call to replace the damaged parts, no response has been provided by this company.

Also, despite the fact that Okitel claimed that the WP9 phone can withstand a fall from a height of five feet, some users reported that it was physically damaged by falling from a height of two feet!

In addition to these negative reviews, it should also be noted that Oukitel WP9 is equipped with the Android 10 operating system, which provides performance miles behind the latest version of this operating system, namely Android 13!

By summarizing all the mentioned points, we can conclude that the low price of this Chinese phone is not without reason and it is better not to go for it!

Oppo A15

Oppo A15 phone is a really cheap product and in appearance it has a very high purchase value. However, it is better not to be fooled by the price of 125 dollars and be careful before choosing!

Buyers of this phone have specifically complained about being equipped with the outdated Android 10 operating system and considered it to be far behind some similar products.

Also, the lack of any resistance against dust and moisture penetration is another weakness that you should expect for this low price.

In addition, the LCD screen of this phone has a lower quality and transparency compared to LED screens, and the lack of 5G support will cause the use of this device to drop drastically in the near future.

Oppo A15 uses a 4230 mAh battery and cannot support wireless charging. In addition, the charging of the device is done with a power of only ten watts, which is considered weaker than many competitors of the same price.

Meanwhile, the relatively large dimensions of this device compared to its limited hardware capabilities is another point that has caused some users to complain.

Of course, this problem is not only limited to Oppo A15, and some other products of this brand also face the problem of being large for no reason!

Unlike well-known companies like Apple or Samsung, which consider more diverse and extensive hardware capabilities in their larger products, the size of Oppo phones apparently has nothing to do with their capabilities and only serves advertising purposes.

Infinix Smart 6 HD

Infinix Smart 6 HD is at the end of the list of cheap but low-quality Android phones with a price of 120 dollars.

Infinix claims that this phone is able to provide the necessary energy for 90 minutes of phone conversation by charging only 5%.

In addition, the intelligent data compression feature in this phone, known as AppSqueeze, is able to provide users with 15% additional space.

This space is enough to store 900 additional images in HD quality!

This Infinix phone is also equipped with a 5000 mAh battery and uses an eight-megapixel camera and a 6.6-inch screen with HD resolution.

Despite these apparently advanced features, the actual performance of the new Infinix phone is not optimal at all, and people who are used to a smooth user interface will undoubtedly have problems with this device!

This product also uses Android 12 operating system instead of Android 13 and faces several performance limitations.

In addition, the camera of this phone has a poor performance despite the advertisements and acceptable specifications; So that the quality of its color is not satisfactory at all, and even at different magnification levels, the clarity of the images is greatly reduced.

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