The ability to lock chat has reached WhatsApp; Something that Telegram does not have

May 26, 1402 at 08:35

The chat lock feature was added to WhatsApp messengers. Telegram did not offer this functionality of WhatsApp even before this.

The WhatsApp team has always emphasized in its advertisements on end-to-end encryption of messages, which brings the security of chats to a new level. However, the development team of these messengers intends to provide users with a new feature that doubles the security of chats. This feature called “Chat Lock”, as its name suggests, allows WhatsApp users to lock chats in a specific folder.

Lock chat, new functionality of WhatsApp

Ability to lock the chat or chat lock of WhatsApp messengers

According to WhatsApp, thanks to the Chat Lock feature, users of these messengers can keep their chats locked in a folder and set a password or fingerprint for this folder. In the notifications of messages belonging to locked chats, the name of the sender of the message or the content of the message will not be displayed in order to protect more privacy. This new feature of WhatsApp messengers can be considered similar to Apple’s ability to hide images for the iCloud service.

In many cases, WhatsApp provides the functionality demanded by users later than messengers like Telegram. Despite this, locking chats in WhatsApp is a useful feature for many users, which even Telegram did not have before. This is while WhatsApp has been accused many times of copying Telegram for adding features such as converting voice to text, creating channels and video messages. Of course, it is worth mentioning that Telegram provides the user with a feature called Passcode Lock to lock the entire program.

The WhatsApp team has started rolling out the chat locking feature, and according to the developer team’s announcement on the messenger’s official blog, they will make it more complete with more updates in the coming months. WhatsApp says that in the future it will provide the ability to lock an account and set a unique password for other devices.

Among the other new features of WhatsApp that we have heard about in recent times, we can mention editing the message and connecting the user account to four devices. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp team has released an update that brings 3 new security features to the app, which take the protection of users’ privacy a step further. Meanwhile, the security of WhatsApp has been questioned due to the comments of an Iranian engineer and Elon Musk; Of course, this is not the first time that these messengers are accused of abusing users’ private information.

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