The competition council emphasized again on the new approval of the price of assembled cars

29 May 1402 at 13:17

The Vice Chairman of the Competition Council announced that the price of other cars will be announced in the coming days, emphasizing again on the new approval of the price of assembled cars.

Mahmoud Dodangeh, Vice Chairman of the Competition Council, referring to the notification of the prices approved by the Competition Council to the Ministry of Security and Support Organization, said that recently the meeting of the Expert Committee of the Automotive Working Group was held with the presence of car manufacturers, during which, after reviewing the points of view and requests presented, the members of the Council voted with the majority. The votes emphasized the implementation of this resolution.

The possibility of changing the price of assembled cars in the future

The Vice Chairman of the Competition Council further stated that any kind of change and review of the announced resolutions will be done only within the framework of the guidelines for the regulation of the automobile market; In this framework, it is also possible to make the necessary adjustments after the finalization of the financial statements for the 12 months of 1402 and the approval of the council.

Regarding the price of assembled cars, which has not been announced, Dodange also stated that the information and documents of the costs of the cars whose prices have not yet been determined have been submitted by the car manufacturers to the support organization for price calculations, hence the competitive base prices will be determined and approved by the Council in the coming days. will be announced.

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