Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition with military purposes

Posted by: Nadim Najmabadi 27 May 1402 at 15:48 Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition – Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition is a special version of Samsung’s flagship phone that has special software capabilities for military purposes. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is one of the best Android phones on the market; But they may not satisfy everyone. … Read more

5 cheap Android phones that you should not go for

Posted by: Sina Sepahrian May 27, 1402 at 19:25 Today we will introduce a number of cheap Android phones that are not worth buying despite the low price and it is better not to go for them! Most fans of the Android operating system are probably familiar with the Galaxy S or Google Pixel phones. … Read more

Samsung also enters the electric car market; Xiaomi’s new electric car competitor?

Posted by: Amirhossein Khorrami May 28, 1402 at 11:14 With the development of new and revolutionary solid state battery technology, Samsung plans to enter the electric car market and challenge car manufacturers. Samsung’s battery division, like many companies in this field, is tirelessly working on new solid-state battery technology. According to knowledgeable sources, this company … Read more

The ability to post animated gif images in comments came to Instagram

Posted by: Nadim Najmabadi May 28, 1402 at 12:50 Commenting with animated images or gifs and adding lyrics or lyrics to rails are two of the new features of Instagram that are available to users. After a long wait, it is finally possible to react to Instagram posts with GIFs. The director of Instagram “Adam … Read more

8 of the best phones Motorola has ever made

Posted by: Sina Sepahrian 28 May 1402 at 19:09 Today we will introduce some of the best and most memorable Motorola phones that have immortalized their name in history. Motorola should undoubtedly be considered one of the most influential brands in the mobile phone industry, which has always produced attractive and memorable products throughout the … Read more

The price of Toyota Corolla, Yaris and Aygo X has been determined for import to Iran

Posted by: Hossein Moradi 28 May 1402 at 22:22 The price of Toyota Corolla, Yaris and Aygo X has been determined for import to Iran. In the following, we will review the pricing details of Toyota Corolla, Aygo X and Yaris cars for sale in Iran. The importers completed the order registration process to import … Read more

Phoenix Arizo 8 in Iran; Competitor Camry entered the country from China + technical specifications, price and video

Posted by: Poriya Khaki 28 May 1402 at 22:44 Phoenix Arezzo 8 model 2023 is the new sedan of the managers of Khodro and Chery in Iran, which has recently passed its testing stages in the streets of Tehran. In the following, we will get to know the technical specifications and price of Chery Arrizo … Read more

alarm for global warming; We are approaching a critical point of no return

Submitted by: Reza Karkhana 28 May 1402 at 21:19 A UN report warns that the unprecedented rise in global temperatures is likely to break the 1.5°C threshold in the next five years, raising the global warming alarm. In its latest annual assessment, the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned that there is a 66% … Read more